Faszination Modellbahn
International trade fair for
model trains, specials & accessories
13 – 15 MARCH 2020 MANNHEIM

2m (G) Gauge in Mannheim: West Side Lumber Model Logging Railway

This layout depicts a US forest railway with sequoia trees up to three metres tall. Amongst other features it shows a US western town with a fully equipped saloon (with hillbilly sound), hotel rooms, a sheriff’s office with jail cells, a church with altar and benches and two general stores. All of the locomotives – including Shay, Climax and Heisler – are aged and equipped with pulsed smoke generators, and provide for a genuine atmosphere. The layout showcases timber harvesting during the years from 1880 to 1920 – transport, unloading and feeding to the sawmill, sawing of the trunks and haulage of the boards on a narrow gauge railway. All of the sounds and motion effects can be triggered by the visitors using pushbuttons located around the layout.


Operator: WSL & Co. Logging Railway, Klaus P. Kerwer, D-53881 Euskirchen, Germany

Layout size: 16 x 4 m