Railway Modelling

H0 Gauge: Niederhausen-Westerfeld & Berkeldam 

This layout takes “The German Federal Railroad in the 1960s” (epoch III) as its motif and is highly detailed, has background scenery and is equipped with its own lighting. Professionally aged vehicles are operated in a manner appropriate to the epoch.

3 trains can be operated simultaneously. The layout is not based on any existing archetype. It’s been built entirely on the basis of pure imagination. The layout’s centrepiece is a medium-sized freight station with several sidings. A single-track branch line goes to both sides of the freight station. There’s a hairpin bend on the right side of the layout, and the left side has a 7-track staging yard with turntable. This makes continuous and varied train operation possible.

The “Berkeldam” layout by Paul Roodbol will be presented as well. It depicts a typical Dutch harbour setting with railway station.

Modellspoorclub Veluwezoom, Roland Heyne, NL-6951 LS Dieren, Netherlands

Layout size: 
10 x 4 m