100% Faszination Modellbahn Ready for Take-Off: from 13 to 15 March 2020 at the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim!

Springtime is (miniature railway) travel season! High-spirited curiosity for this year’s creative and inspiring new miniatures, which will make their way to Mannheim in a just few days, can be observed throughout the entire community of model railway fans. New topics, new technologies, new digital widgets, a diverse array of well-designed accessories and cool new lighting types will arrive at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN in the Maimarkthalle, taking place from 13 to 15 March 2020, with lots of new trains in all track gauges. Another highlight of the 2020 edition of the event will be the 20 (wow!) spectacular model railroad layouts which, together with their creator teams, will travel from all over Germany, France and even the Netherlands in order to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Talk shop, participate, shop and relax: the highly popular, cross-generation meeting place, namely FASZINATION MODELLBAHN, is every bit as timeless as rail travel itself.

The time has finally come: the coveted new products and collectibles of the 2020 season gleam from within the gem boxes and the chic showcases at the exhibition booths where the miniatures are on display. And all of the signals on the layouts are green. Teams of professionals from top brands including Märklin, PIKO, BRAWA, Tillig, Bemo, Viessmann, Busch, Lenz and ESU, as well as renowned small-series manufacturers and highly competent clubs and associations, will vibrantly present the endless possibilities of the highly creative model railway hobby in 2020 to their expectant audience. For three days, they invite fans and families to take a wonderful journey through the scenes depicted in the unique miniature worlds, which allow visitors to experience historically specific and fictitious stories that spark the imagination and present the mobile experiences of rail travel throughout its entire history: for marvelling, shopping and having fun!

A Journey through All Epochs

For market leader Märklin, 2020 is a year of travel through all epics – whether it involves elegant passenger trains crossing national borders or the transport of all kinds of cargo to commercial and production metropoles. The grandiose Big Boy of the legendary 4000 series in H0 gauge and the redesign of Class 66 in four European variants, as well as the new digital features of the CS 3 controller, are just three of the many highlights. Brawa promises: every new development is driven by the passion to create a perfect copy of the original – and this applies to more than 200 new models for 2020! These include lots of new H0 gauge models such as the BR02 express steam locomotive and the Ellok of the E11 series, the first newly developed electric locomotive of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Is it possible to operate several locomotives at the same time? Sure, and it’s lots of fun too! Visitors to PIKO’s booth will be able to fully immerse themselves into the digital world of model railroading. The PIKO team offers SmartControl, the SmartProgrammer and the SmartTester to this end, as well as the Expert Plus test coach and locomotive with digital coupler. After all, model railroading has definitely entered the digital age at the beginning of this new decade. With the help of the latest digital widgets, the exhibitors and associations represented at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN 2020 will provide visitors both young and old with snappy ideas.

Time Travel Thanks to Accessories

Setting up complete scenes on model railway layouts, as well as for diorama building, is one of this creative hobby’s special attractions. This is only possible with an enormous range of accessories full of inspiring items for the creation of scenery and landscapes including bridges, walls, trees, bushes, buildings, lights and figures of all kinds, as well as vehicles and decorative elements from a great variety of epochs. For example, as an internationally renowned brand name Busch will present its thematic collection called “Beginnings of the Automotive Age” with buildings and vehicles from the days of automotive pioneer Carl Benz. The well-preserved residential home of Carl Benz is a stately example. The Benz family lived in the elegant Wilhelminian style villa in the centre of Ladenburg as of 1905. Today, the building houses an interesting exhibition of Carl Benz’s engineering achievements. The historic building is of course faithfully reproduced in the model. In times of an ongoing construction boom, construction site sets are also doing well along the railroad tracks: tools, cable drums, wooden planks, wooden boxes, barrels, bulk cans, T-beams, ladders, wheelbarrows, sand heaps, protective gratings, sacks, posts, canisters, tool boxes, sand ladders and cement mixing machines – nothing is left to be desired. All in all, accessories from more than 40 product groups will be exhibited in Mannheim – a list can be accessed on the trade fair website under model railway accessories.

Relaxation for Kids and Teens

Strength lies in stillness: stop, check it out and dive directly into a relaxed miniature world full of your own creative possibilities. The popular hands-on activities for kids and teenagers are pure deceleration. No time pressure, no media overload – just tinkering, snapping together and driving. The model railroading hobby is calming for many a stressed engineer or businessman in real life, and it’s just as relaxing for the young generation at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN.

Industry giants such as Märklin and PIKO provide wonderful play areas with the latest railway equipment – including crew. Visitors are provided with practical professional tips on how to work with vehicle and building kits, as well as items included in Vollmer’s stone art series at the Viessmann-Vollmer-kibri handicrafts garden. Children and young people are introduced to the subject matter of model railways at six exciting research stations by building dioramas at the highly popular Junior College Europe of the BDEF (German association of railroad enthusiasts), which is offered each year. And of course the self-made, one-of-a-kind dioramas can be proudly taken home after completion.

One-of-a-Kind Model Railway Layouts and a Special Challenge

Wow! Twenty spectacular model railway exhibition layouts will demonstrate to the public what’s possible with passion and devotion in the world of miniatures. For example, Freunde der LGB Norddeutschland will exhibit their “North German Plain with Peat Extraction” layout in IIm (G) gauge. Three trains are operated there in different directions, two of which automatically alternate at the station. Transport to and from the legendary peat extraction facility is handled by a Regner narrow gauge railway in shuttle operation as in the 1960s and 70s. It’s a fantastic layout because almost all of the buildings are self-made and there are lots of small details in the station, such as a fully stocked delicatessen. Fun, fun and more fun is guaranteed by the colourfully illuminated model funfair layout. On the bumper car alone, more 900 SMDs were installed and wired via running light controllers. Creativity and efficiency go hand in hand with this lighting technology, because an SMD LED has a longer service life and is brighter than conventional LEDs. But power consumption is nevertheless just as low. SMD LEDs have an extremely small and low-profile design, and colour temperatures can be reproduced more accurately and with greater variety.

The legendary private layouts competition is also entering a new round with six private layouts pre-selected by the organising team. In keeping with the slogan “out of the hobby basement and into the limelight”, the competition will be held at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN in cooperation with trade journal MIBA. The private layouts with their great variety of themes, which take you on a journey from “Klein Feldberg” to “West Ben Grain” in the USA, will be judged by a qualified jury of experts and celebrated on Saturday with an award ceremony at the Model Railway Forum.

Upgrade at the Digital Workshop and the Model Railway Forum

RailCommunity will offer a comprehensive workshop programme at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN together with DigitaleModellbahn. Topics range from starter set construction, decoder selection and installation, decoder programming and sound, right on up to issues such as automation, signalling and PC control. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, an advanced enthusiast or an expert – people work and explore things together here, and leave the workshop as positively inspired digital model railroaders. For guests who don’t want to delve quite so deeply into any given topic, interesting and professionally conducted presentations will be held and new products from brand manufacturers and model railway outfitters will be introduced at the special Model Railway Forum for the entire duration of the event. In addition to ample seating and extensive insights, all interested parties will receive personal added value in terms of inspiration, valuable tips and possible solutions for their own work.

Brand Identity Update for FASZINATION MODELLBAHN

In addition to organising diverse product presentations and activities at an ideal venue with a relaxed atmosphere, trade fair organiser Messe Sinsheim has also invested in its own brand identity for the popular model railway event. FASZINATION MODELLBAHN’s logo has been carefully refreshed and its appearance has been fine tuned in accordance with today’s modern media. FASZINATION MODELLBAHN’s trade fair website has also been relaunched. Website visitors are presented with an extremely attractive state-of-the-art layout and a simple navigation structure for a personally relaxed online visit with all digital devices. Included thematic categories and the newly structured visitor programme offer powerful filter functions for the individual preferences of the model railway community.

This makes it possible for visitors to get the best possible information in advance, and to plan according to their own wishes for an unconstrained visit together with friends or family. Current information on the coronavirus (COVID-19): According to current information, FASZINATION MODELLBAHN in Mannheim will take place as scheduled. The authorities currently see no need to restrict trade fair operations. Visit our homepage for further information.

2020 Exhibition Dates

13 to 15 March 2020


Maimarkthalle Mannheim
Xaver-Fuhr-Str. 101
D-68163 Mannheim, Germany


Opening Hours

Fridaythrough Sunday

from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission Prices
at the Box Office






Day pass, adults €12.00

Discounted day pass €10.00 (young people between 9 and 17 years, pupils, students, retirees and disabled persons)

Happy hour ticket €6.00 (as of 3 p.m.)

Family ticket €30.00
(2 adults plus 2 own children age 9 to 17)
Children up to 8 years of age are admitted free of charge


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