From the Southwest of Scotland to the Southwest of Germany

Yes milord! Yes milady. Once again in the year 2020, impressive model railway layouts will take visitors of all ages on endlessly varied miniature journeys. For example with Mr. Bisset, who will travel 1411 km from Scotland to FASZINATION MODELLBAHN 2020 for the sole purpose of presenting his 0 gauge Ladeside diesel engine terminal to the visitors, which features the portrayal of a diesel locomotive depot from the early 1960s. With cool sound decoders, smoke generators and an integrated railway repair shop including loading ramp, this magnificent layout is a real highlight for the visitors.

N-Club International has also already confirmed participation at the model railway event once again. Visitors will be able to gain in-depth insights into layout configuration on a scale of 1:160 live on-site. Especially exciting is the fact that the N gauge railroaders involved in this special international community will create a miniature railway stage on-site, which is unique at the trade fair, with an impressive size of approximately 20 x 10 metres using their own modules and interfaces. Well done!