Faszination Modellbahn
International trade fair for
model trains, specials & accessories
13 – 15 MARCH 2020 MANNHEIM


Final report: "Faszination Modellbahn 2019" celebrates successful premiere with delighted exhibitors and visitors in Mannheim!

The new location Maimarkthalle Mannheim hosted the all-round successful premiere of FASZINATION MODELLBAHN from 15th - 17th March 2019. Some 18,000 visitors made the pilgrimage to the venue to celebrate the fantastic miniature world of... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Waukegan and Kenosha Terminal (W&K Terminal)

This layout was designed for maximum play and fun.  A lot of time was invested in order to create a true-to-life layout that does not exist as an original. It depicts a marshalling terminal that is actually located between the cities of... read on


Gauge TT in Mannheim: Hoppenstedt

Construction of the "Hoppenstedt" layout began in 2008. It features a model nuclear power station, as seen in a TV sketch of the Hoppenstedt family created by German comedian Loriot. The double-track main line takes us through the Elbe... read on


Gauge 0 at Mannheim: Entertaining railway operation with interchanging trains

The tracks and the rolling stock are mainly based on era III. The layout has enough track space for seven trains. Two trains can run independently from each other at the same time, while others wait on station sidings and on the opposite... read on


Gauge N at Mannheim: International rail operation

The module group of the N-Club International (NCI) constructs layouts by assembling modules created by individual members. Thanks to a standardised module connection system it is possible to design ever new layouts. The focus is on train... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Module layout according to AG Nordmodul standards

Since 1985 the club has been working on their layout built according to the standards of modelling consortium AG Nordmodul. It is the club's second project following their popular Berlin Stadtbahn layout which includes the Berlin... read on


Gauge I at Mannheim: German Bundesbahn

The layout set in eras 1 and 2 has 3 stations and a curve radius of 2.4 metres. The background is portrayed on a half relief and a full relief and the appropriate platforms in brick, gravel and asphalt. Due to the backdrop and indirect... read on


Gauge H0e at Mannheim: The Loesche Ceramic Works light railway

The layout is based on the 1950s and 60s, when narrow gauge railways were still in frequent use. The raw maerial is excavated from the quartz sand pit and transported by means of a light railway. As there are so many tipper trucks in the... read on


Great hands-on activities at Faszination MODELLBAHN 2019

There's more to do at Faszination MODELLBAHN Mannheim than just look around or buy models. Visitors can actively participate in the hobby of model making at the exhibition. There will be activities for every age. You can find the range of... read on


Gauge Z at Mannheim: "Z - Little railway, great impact"

At Faszination Modellbahn Mannheim 2019, model club "Z-Freunde International" will be presenting a variety of attractive module layouts: Container terminal by Claudius VeitThe layout aims to demonstrate the digital possibilities of a Z... read on