22. January 2024

Press release from 22.01.2024: The anticipation is growing! The FASZINATION MODEL RAILWAY from March 8-10, 2024 in Mannheim

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories MA2024 Spur H0 WUeP 03 uai

After a long year of eager waiting, the time has finally come: FASZINATION MODELLBAU MANNHEIM, THE highlight in the model railroad trade fair calendar, is opening its doors. The established trade fair is not only an Eldorado for passionate model railroaders, but also a stage for the latest innovations and trends in the industry, which are presented live. In the special setting of the Maimarkthalle Mannheim, the fascinating hobby of model railroads will be celebrated in its most beautiful form from Friday to Sunday. A visit promises not only insights into the impressive variety of exhibitors, but also the opportunity to actively participate in the events. The fair is far more than just a gathering of enthusiasts – it is an experience that highlights all facets of the model railroad hobby and attracts visitors of all ages.

Participate, have fun, take along

The sight of lovingly and carefully designed miniature worlds makes children’s eyes light up. Adults can also immerse themselves in the world of model railways together with their offspring, unleash their creativity and quickly become young again. It goes without saying that the exhibitors, clubs and associations at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN MANNHEIM offer attractive presentations, competitions and hands-on activities every day. The BDEF Junior College is particularly active and creates relaxed dioramas live with the children and young people, which they can then take home with them. It is also interesting to note that the history of the model railroad is as old as its great role model. The first miniature replicas of trains were created as early as the beginning of the 19th century, when the first railroad lines were built. A timeless classic that connects generations, as the leading supplier Märklin aptly puts it.

Miniature magic sparks enthusiasm

This project sets new standards: The WÜP, Weschnitztal-Überwaldbahn project, is an association of various model railroaders from the greater Frankfurt-Mannheim-Heidelberg area who have rebuilt the corresponding railroad line from Weinheim to the Odenwald in essential points.

The construction and the idea were presented in twelve episodes in 2023 in the leading trade magazine MIBA on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. At FASZINATION MODELLBAHN in Mannheim, all these replicas can now be admired live in a real large-scale layout. The team led by Horst Meier and Bernhard Brieger also has the most striking train sets running in the model.

Railroad romantics

It’s the media buzzword for all model railroad fans: railroad romance. Even though the last show he hosted is long gone, its accomplished and likeable presenter is still the star of model railroading: Hagen von Ortloff. At FASZINATION MODELLBAHN, he will once again be there live, cranking up nostalgic trains with the public, signing autographs and smiling for selfies.

Renowned exhibitors

We are delighted to announce that FASZINATION MO-DELLBAHN has been able to attract the leading suppliers of the German model railroad scene. Big names such as Märklin with LGB and Trix, Tillig, PIKO, Viessmann with kribi and Vollmer, Herpa and interesting small-series manufacturers will be presenting the eagerly awaited new products of the year to the model railroad world for the first time on their spacious stands.

Experience model railroad layouts

The central element of our fair is the impressive ensemble of model railroad layouts, meticulously presented by model railroad clubs that come not only from all over Germany, but even from the Netherlands and Belgium. From the charming 2m (G) scale layouts to the impressive Z scale layouts, every model railroad fan will find what they are looking for here. But it is not only the variety of gauges that is remarkable, the themes of the individual layouts are also presented in a wide range. Each facility impresses with its unique wealth of detail, charm and distinctiveness.

The systems not only impress visually, but also rely on digital sophistication. Original sounds of station announcements and fascinating driving noises give the scenarios an authentic atmosphere. Visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of technical gadgets. At the touch of a button, for example, they can have a dispatcher raise the flag – an interactive experience that brings the fascination of the model railroad world to life in a special way.

Cool steam up close

On specially erected platforms, precision mechanical rarities impressively demonstrate their powerful performance. One cogwheel meshes smoothly with another and sets a multitude of playful mechanisms in motion. This fascinating spectacle is not only extremely impressive, but also somehow reassuring when you watch them at their continuous work. The simplicity of the mechanics of the steam engine is still easy to understand today, which is probably why it exerts a tremendous fascination on people of all ages.

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