17. January 2024

The gauge 2 model railroad plants introduce themselves

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories MA2024 Spur 2m The Training Dutchman 02 scaled uai

Gauge 2m (G): Amarillo Mountain Rail Road – USA layout

The newest addition to the LGB friends from the Lower Rhine is the Amarillo Mountain Rail Road (AMRR) segment layout! The installation shows motifs that were typical for us Europeans in the 1950s. In addition to Mount Rusmore and Red Rocks, you can also see the striking fire escapes of New York’s old town. The tracks allow the use of long trains with huge steam locomotives, such as the Bigboy!

Operator: LGB-Freunde Niederrhein, D-47057 Duisburg
System size: 24 x 5 meters

Gauge 2m (G): A French layout from the Netherlands

The French meter-gauge layout comes to Mannheim from the Netherlands and consists mainly of kits from French small-series manufacturers and home-made parts.

The system is controlled by a digital computer system! The landscaping, such as houses, trees etc. is based on the French model! The locomotives and railcars all have sounds, often even the original sound. There are also some steam locomotives on the layout! The 8-shaped meter gauge layout is new and has never been shown like this before!

Operator: The Training Dutchman, Netherlands-2036 HD Haarlem
System size: 11 x 4 m

Track 2: GDR Reichsbahn layout around 1965 (first presentation)

The theme of the layout is the German Reichsbahn in Central Germany in the 1960s and is being presented to a wide audience for the first time!

Everything on the 2-gauge layout is self-built, from the oak sleepers of the tracks to the threshing wheel, buildings and much more! The locomotives are also home-made and all unique. You drive with real steam. There are also battery-powered locomotives and railcars, which are also built in-house.

The water tower, which is well worth seeing, took 6 months to build and is a replica of the Salzwedel water tower with a height of almost 90 cm.

And even on a small scale, attempts were made to recreate original things. For example, based on a commercially available bus, it was completely reworked, repainted and lettered so that it became a Russian military bus with lighting.

Operator: Tobias Mey, 76530 Baden-Baden
System size: 11 x 6.5 meters