17. January 2024

The Z scale model railroad layouts introduce themselves

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories Spur Z Z Freunde International 01 Hochseehafen uai

Z gauge: Small railroad big time

During Faszination Modellbahn Mannheim, Z-Freunde International will be presenting several interesting modular layouts.

The Z-gauge participants show the following showpieces on a scale of 1 to 220:

Manfred Forst and Gerhard Maurer

Coal box: Model in Hunt’s large coal plant
Autobox: City diorama with cars driving as if by magic
Themed layout replica from 1925

Michael Bernhard

New 50th anniversary miniclub, Dead End City and Nugget Gulch (2 American landscapes)

Ingo Sindermann

Dwarf plant, especially for young children

Gotthard Schmidt

Z Nostalgic layout depicting the 80s of the last century

Torsten and Günter Schubert

Dioramas of fairground trucks and cars, as well as small scenes equipped with lots of LEDs, and soldering demonstrations of the same

Thomas Heß

Updated digital system that represents today’s digital possibilities

Claudius Veit and Andrea

Modernized and updated chemical plant

Uli Günther and Manfred Phillip

Shunting yard with public play area and model castles

Oliver Kessler with Leonhard

Self-driving buses and trucks, now with automatic stops

Roland Kimmich and Christine Specht

Showcase, dioramas and nostalgic Z-modules

Radolfszell Z – regulars’ table

Lovingly and skillfully designed “Brettchen” picture frames

Other exhibitors

Track system for “long trains” from Märklin Large display case for exhibits

Operator: Z-Freunde International, Mr. Sylvester Schmidt, D-56856 Zell
Plant size: 12 x 6 m