26. January 2023

Press info from 26.01.2023: It’s back! The wonderful FASZINATION MODELLBAHN in Mannheim from the 10th through the 12th of March, 2023.

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories Spur H0 Lippstaedter EBF 01 uai

“It’s finally being held again!,” exclaims the social media community.
Everyone is talking about FASZINATION MODELLBAHN MANNHEIM, the international exhibition for model railways, specials and accessories. With its unique, full focus on model railway building and its prime date as the first public event of the year, it showcases the industry sector’s new products and trends – live on site. The model railway trade fair attracts top brands, technology fans, friends and families to the cult location at “Maimarkthalle Mannheim” for three days of creative miniature railroading fun. Hands-on participation is expressly encouraged, because the most beautiful hobby in the world is experienced here and lived out in a fascinating manner with lots of enthusiasm.

 The model railroading hobby is a world of its own. Nearly anything is possible: in addition to an endless selection of materials for creating layouts which permit magnificent railway journeys through graceful miniature landscapes and villages, the model railway manufacturers also offer trains, tracks and technology for big cities, industrial railways and other fantastic miniature products in all gauges. The composition of the layout components usually serves to recreate a realistic, true-to-life replica, where every detail has to fit into the overall picture. And this is precisely why the model railway fan community succeeds in doing something that many people find difficult these days: they’re capable of concentrating fully on the task at hand. During the creative process, the attention of the creative teams is focused entirely on the layout’s design – with all of its facets and sensory experiences. This of course also includes digital applications such as true-to-life acoustic reproduction of station announcements and cool train sounds. As is also the case in real life, there are lots of new technical developments that will be demonstrated and explained by the experts at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN.

Join In, Have Fun and Take Your Project Home

Children’s eyes light up at the sight of the beautiful miniature worlds created with loving care. And adults become young again quickly when they immerse themselves in model railway worlds and give free rein to their creativity together with their children. And thus it’s only logical that the exhibitors, clubs and associations participating at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN MANNHEIM offer interesting lectures, competitions and hands-on activities every day. In particular the BDEF Junior College will get involved once again live on site, in order to build sophisticated dioramas with kids and teenagers in a very relaxed atmosphere, which they can then take home. Incidentally, the history of model railroading is as old as its grand role model. Already in the early 19th century when the first railway lines were built, initial replicas of the trains appeared in miniature – a real perennial favourite that unites generations, as industry leader Märklin aptly puts it. How wonderful this is in a world where so much is changing so quickly!

Elegant Private Layouts in Competition

Out of the hobby room and into the limelight! One of FASZINATION MODELLBAHN’s fine traditions will also be picking up speed again this year. Once again, model railway teams with their elegant and thematically enthralling private layouts will compete against each other and face a genuine jury of experts! Judging will take place live during the exhibition, making it possible for spectators in competition fever to talk shop with the teams. The winners can look forward to attractive prizes donated by MIBA magazine, which will be presented to the top three winners during the award ceremony.

Railway Romantics and Team-Workers

It’s the media catchword for all model railroading fans: Eisenbahn-Romantik. Although the last moderated broadcast of this show is long since history, its well-versed and endearing host is still the toast of model railway enthusiasts: Hagen von Ortloff. He’ll be back live at FASZINATION MODELLBAHN, cranking up nostalgic trains with the visitors, giving autographs and laughing into the camera for selfies – a genuine professional.

The hobbyists from N Club International work in a highly professional manner as well. They arrive from all over Germany with separate modules in order to put together a creative model railway landscape directly at the event. Teamwork is just as important for planning and implementation of the layout as it is for assembly and dismantling of the individual modules. And it always results in a wonderful atmosphere and the great joy of sharing a hobby.

Cool Steam on the Pedestal Displays

Precision-engineered rarities that generate lots of steam are presented on their own specially constructed stages. One cog meshes with the other in order to propel versatile gadgetry. It’s really cool and it’s somehow calming as well, to observe the continuous motion. The mechanical workings of the steam engine are still fascinatingly easy to comprehend and, probably for this very reason, fascinate young and old alike.

Preparations being carried out by event promoters Messe Sinsheim and the trade fair teams of manufacturers such as Märklin, LGB, TRIX, Piko, Viessmann, Tillig and Herpa, as well as the numerous dealers, clubs and associations, are running at full bore in order to meet and inspire their illustrious audience during this special model railway weekend. In order to best illuminate the beautiful exhibits and layouts, the cult venue in Mannheim has been equipped with all-new LED lighting. Save the dates, anticipation is mounting!

Detailed information concerning the FASZINATION MODELLBAHN international trade fair for model railways, specials and accessories can be found at: www.faszination-modellbahn.com


Exhibition date 2023 10 to 12 March 2023
Venue Maimarkthalle Mannheim
Xaver-Fuhr-Str. 101
68163 Mannheim
Opening hours Friday – Sunday
09 a.m. to. 5 p.m.
Prices online tickets Day ticket adults 12,00 €

Tageskarte reduced € 10.00
(Youths between 9 and 17 years, pupils, students, pensioners and other authorized persons with ID)

Family ticket 30,00 €
(2 adults + proven own children from 9 to 17 years)

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