27. January 2023

Gauge N: Model railway layouts on show

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories Spur N N Club International 01 uai

N Gauge Diverse railway operations

N-Club International (NCI) organizes the setup of layouts based on its members’ modules. Thanks to a standardised module connection system, ever new layouts can be created. Primary attention is focused on train operation and the small details along the tracks.

One analogue and one digital layout will be exhibited at Faszination MODELLBAHN 2023. Once again, international flair in the analogue layout will be provided by one of the members of the “spur-N-schweiz” (sNs) model railway club with his Swiss modules and another club member from England with his modules based on the German THW (disaster-relief agency).

The double-track main line and “St. Dominic” railhead station, which is connected via a more than 7 metre long T-branch main line, are at the middle of the large analogue layout. There’s a replica of the Bridge at Remagen on one side of the junction after a bend, followed by several modules with German motifs and the Swiss section mentioned above. There are three further modules after a branch line to the deployment station, two of which will be on public display for the first time. The third module is a reproduction of “Ladenburger Bridge”.

The digital layout deals with the classic theme of a “double-track main line with (single-track) branch line”. The layout is controlled manually in a sort of “signal box mode”. The line includes four different train stations on an area of about 10 x 9 metres – a railhead station, a branch-off station, a single-track through station and a double-track through station. The railhead station, Buchhorn Central Station, and the adjoining line, have also never been exhibited before by the N-Club. Diversified operation is also possible without a deployment station thanks to the branches and the single-track section. The numerous details on the modules (including pushbutton functions) invite visitors to take a closer look.

Operator: N-Club International e.V., Frank Mikenas, D-70599 Stuttgart, Germany
Layout size: 22 x 9 m

N Gauge: Energy and Railways

The new 2-track main line with more than 100 metres of track, 40 switches and 40 blocks extends over several levels with branches and approximately 20 trains up to 2 metres in length within the block system! The model railway layout uses a mirror as its background. It thus appears to be twice as deep as it actually is.

The model railway layout has a 50 metre staging yard, several tunnels, large bridges, suburban railway stations, a 4-track railway ferry, a port facility with multi-storey car park, canal with barges, a dam, a steam engine museum, an oil refinery, a power station, a relay station, several grain silos, a substation, a railway museum, a transformer station and an old gas coking plant!

Furthermore, all of the buildings have been modified and equipped with LED lighting systems. This highly varied model railway layout is extremely captivating!

Operator: MAK Modellbahn AG Kaarst, Mr. Franz Lange, D-41564 Kaarst, Germany
Layout size: 9 x 6 metres