18. January 2024

The S track by Hagen von Ortloff

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories MA2024 Spur S Hagen von Ortloff 01 scaled uai

The S gauge with a scale of 1:64 and a track width of 22.5 mm corresponds to about half the size of the 1 gauge. This model railway size was produced in the Federal Republic of Germany for a decade after the Second World War and a few years later in the GDR.

It was an attempt to introduce a size smaller than 0 gauge. In 1948, the traditional Nuremberg-based company BUB began manufacturing the S size. As the H0 scale began its rapid triumph in Germany at almost the same time, BUB and the S gauge were bound to fail.

The “Volkseigene Betrieb Metallwarenfabrik Stadtilm” presented the S gauge at the Leipzig Trade Fair in 1956. Scale 1:60.

In addition to the GDR, it was also sold in other western countries.

The S gauge did inherit the 0 gauge in the GDR, but without long-term success. Production of the S gauge was discontinued in 1964.

The S gauge was therefore a brief but unfortunately unsuccessful episode in German model railroad history.

This size was invented at the end of the 1930s in the USA and is still produced there today.

As far as embellishing our playing system is concerned, we are “scale-free”. We have many sheet metal buildings in use, some 0-gauge, some smaller, miniature buildings made of wood, plastic and cardboard in a wide variety of designs and from different eras. It is important that the look is right, because the recognition value is very important to us and for us. We are delighted when a grandfather says to his grandson: “Look, I used to play with a train like that when I was little, and there were little houses like that on the layout”.

It’s wonderful when the emotions are awakened and the playful joy returns.

Operator: Mr. Hagen vorn Ortloff, D-71394 Kernen
System size: 8 x 4.5 m
Stand no.: 1432