27. January 2023

Gauge 1: Model railway layouts on show

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories Spur 1 EBF Ingolstadt 01 uai

1 Gauge: Idstone Industries 1/30

The US industrial shunting layout depicts a small American town in the late 1950s. The time period chosen for the layout – during the transition between steam and diesel – makes it possible to present steam locomotives with steam and sound, as well as diesel shunting locomotives with soot and smoke. Operation is manual and necessitates at least two operators who deliver freight from point to point to the various industries, and pick up cargo. The layout requires a lot of manual operation due to its concept, but it’s also quite interesting because shunting has to be conducted via the main line and street running has also been integrated. The segments are set up with relief background in order to achieve a depth effect. DCC or DCS control is used, each of which necessitates the appropriate control centre (Lenz/MTH).

Operator: MEC Idstein, Jürgen Hesels, D-65510 Idstein, Germany
Layout size: 11 x 1 metres

I Gauge: Ingolstadt Central Station 

This layout is set in epoch III/IV. The former Ingolstadt Central Station was faithfully recreated as the main station. Beyond this, a functioning maintenance depot with turntable, a coaling facility, a roundhouse and a water standpipe (all functional) were also replicated. The city is dominated by a church. The station and the storage yard are illuminated. The entire layout is digitally controlled.

Operator: Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde Ingolstadt e.V., Klaus Meyer, D-85055 Ingolstadt, Germany
Layout size: 16.5 x 5.2 m