17. January 2024

The track 1 model railroad plants introduce themselves

Faszination Modellbahn International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories MA2024 Spur 1 Spur 1 Team Hannover 01 uai

Track I: Model Railway Team Track 1 Hannover

The basic shape of the plant is a triangle. It was supplemented by a bulge with a reversing loop. Approx. 150 m of track, 1 turntable, 1 crossing point and 25 switches are installed. The minimum radius is 1650 mm, with the entrance of the curves larger than 2000 mm. The layout represents a through station on a double track line in northern Germany. On the layout it is not only possible to run in a circle, but also a shuttle service from the station to the depot is possible. The reversing loop makes it possible to drive directly from the depot back to the depot via the plant. The landscape is rural in character and is still constantly being supplemented with new ideas. Care was taken to ensure that details (e.g. a stream with a small lake) liven up the overall impression without making the facility look cluttered. At the hairpin bend there is a small farm. We run digital with Motorola and DCC protocol. The vehicles from the manufacturers Märklin, Hübner, Kiss, Benecken and KM1 are privately owned.

Operator: Modellbahn Team Spur 1 Hannover, D-30853 Langenhagen
Plant size: 23 x 12 m

Track 1: Tinplate toys from Nuremberg 100 years ago

The Friends of the Freinsheim/Pfalz Toy Museum (Bing Museum) present a rare 1-gauge layout from the years 1900-1928. The models are mainly from Bing and Bub.

The layout impresses with its large suspension bridge with a length of 2.2 m and 2 circles with long trains! Some trains run with real steam. Streetcars and rack railroads are shown inside! Many technical gadgets can be triggered by visitors with buttons, such as the level crossing, the guard coming out of the house, the dispatcher raising the flag, etc.

There is also a roller coaster and funfair models on display, all in operation, some powered by Sterling motors.

Another highlight is a train depot with a turntable! The presentation is decorated with historical trees, bushes and tinplate buildings

Operator: Freinsheim Toy Museum, 67251 Freinsheim
System size: 11 x 2.5 m